History of the Company

Ecotel Communication GmbH has been founded on January 30, 1998 as a corporation with limited liability and was listed with the number HRB 12891 in the commercial register of the district court of Essen. In 1999 the company seat was relocated to Düsseldorf. On January 01, 2000 the shareholder meeting decided to convert the company in a public company and to change its name into Ecotel Communication AG.

On May 12, 2004 conCapital GmbH, sole shareholders of the company, was merged with Ecotel.

On January 23, 2006 the general assembly of ecotel decided to change the articles of the corporation, to change the name into ecotel communication ag and to change the corporate definition of the company.

Since May 29, 2006 the shares of the company are admitted to the Open Market (Freiverkehr) and with concurrent admission to the Entry Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. During the public offering 935.000 new individual shares have been placed.

In line with a capital increase in return for stock ecotel's equity capital was increased from 3,500,000 individual shares to 3,900,000 individual shares in order to acquire 100% of ADTG GmbH and 51% of PPRO GmbH.

On August 06, 2007, ecotel's share capital with 3.900.000 individual shares has been admitted to the Official Market (Amtlicher Markt) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange with concurrent admission for the Official Market with follow-up obligations (Prime Standard). On August 08, 2007 ecotel's stock listing war listed. A public offer as part of the segment change did not take place.

On May 28, 2014, the company made the decision to redeem 390,000 of its shares, thus reducing the share capital by 3,510,000 Euro.

The financial year of the company is the fiscal year.

ecotel is a public company according to German law and is subject to the rules of the German stock corporation law.